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VASCSC is a pioneering Community Science Centre, founded by Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai in 1966. It was created as a facility where people concerned about the quality of science education could come together to experiment and try out new ideas and techniques for teaching science.

VASCSC aims to nurture and direct young minds towards scientific thinking with methods and techniques that make the process of learning, an enjoyable and lasting experience. Here, students are encouraged to move out of the rigid framework of textbooks and to think, explore and create. Since over fifty years, VASCSC has combined formal and non-formal techniques and come up with many innovative methods to give students a better understanding of Science and Mathematics.

VASCSC houses well-equipped labs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computers, Electronics, Model Rocketry and Astronomy, as well as Innovation Hub, Workshop, Library, Science Playground and Science Shop. It is open for all and caters to students, teachers and community. Its activities and material are popular and have reached across India.