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Parisodhana - Building Indigenous Med Tech Products through applied research and product development for solving unmet needs and challenges in domestic and international markets

“Parisodhana” is a platform created for realizing the long term vision of its founders to develop solutions to diverse problems through applied research and affordable product development with a primary focus on health, wellness and medtech interventions in domestic and international markets.

Launched in June 2016, the company expects to be a leading independently and privately operated product development company in India.

Parisodhana core team has created their own commercialization platform to ensure that sensitive medtech products reach the end customers at the right price. Parisodhana will also license these technologies to potential licensees under mutually agreeable terms.

Billion Social Masks :

Billion Social Masks, an initiative of Parisodhana Technologies, is committed to making safe, comfortable, and reusable masks at an affordable price for all. These masks enclose our standards-tested filter with 95%+ particle and 99%+ bacterial filtration. The initiative is designed to meet the need while enhancing the livelihoods of many Self Help Groups (SHGs). With a motive: Safe Mask for All, Livelihood for Many.

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